Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pleats, Pleats, and More Pleats!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing good out there!

We've been seeing many different styles in the market lately, one of which is the pleated look...especially in skirts.

Pleats can be a great look if utilized correctly...and we've tried to do that with a few of our items. We have 9 great items that will keep you modest, in style, and looking great with pleats!

For our Contemporary Customers, we have the 4 Button Pleated Skirt (front pleated with extra style from 4 faux buttons on the front...pictured left), the Knife Pleat Skirt (fully knife pleated with a comfie waistband...pictured right), and the Pleated Pocket Skirt (pleats on the pockets...fresh from Europe!). We also have 2 pleated Denim Skirts: Danielle's Pleated Skirt (one of our best sellers), and our Looped and Pleated Denim Skirt. Finally, we have our Pontie Jumper, a super cute dress with bottom pleating.

For Girls, we have 2 great skits, the 4 Button Pleated Skirt and the Knife Pleat Skirt, both exactly the same styles as the Contemporary Versions. Finally, we have the Pleated Pocket Dress, a super cute item.

I really love all of these pleated items, and am SURE you will get some great outfits out of these items!


Goldibug said...

I love the Pontie Jumper! It's very simple and cute! I also love how it's lightly pleated and not overbearing.

Chaviva said...

Do you all have any intentions of maybe selling some plus-size clothes? Or maybe even items up to 16/18/20? It would be nice for there to be a nifty store out there for the modestly dressed that actually has clothes for normal people :)