Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Fashion News

Hey everyone, I know that December has already started, but I wanted to give you guys a little bit of news from the front line of fashion! I've included a few pics of new trends, as well as links to our site for anything that relates to new styles. So, here are some December fashion trends and advice:
  • We've seen lots of classic "Holiday party wear," including halter tops, clothing with lots of sequents or liquid metal (see right), and lots of gold and silver belts and accessories. How to make this modest: Wear a halter top with a contrasting shell to give you the layering look (like Emily's Long Sleeve Top). Sequents and liquid metal items should be easy to find in stores right now (we have a few items with sequents for Little Girls and Girls). Accessorize to your hearts content with gold and silver belts, necklaces and earrings (we have the perfect belt here).

  • For casual wear, the new look is long woven flannel shirts with big buffalo plaids, belted with leggings...basically grab your fathers shirt and put a belt around it (Look at the picture on the right and add a belt). How to make this modest: Grab a flannel shirt from your dad, guy friends, or any store and wear it with a layer underneath to allow you to open or close as many buttons as you would like. Grab a pair of your favorite leggings that match the color of your shirt (don't just wear plain old black...get creative!). For those of you who only wear skirts outside, our answer to leggings has been a pencil skirt. It can be worn with leggings, and blends very well with the outfit (we have 2 different pencil skirts, plain black or pin stripe).

  • Big chunky sweaters and hand knits have been seen in the stores, as well as the continuation of the bib tops and ruffled look (check out the previous post on woven shirts for some pics). How to make this modest: Everything is good to go! Just find some sweaters, knits, or bib and ruffled tops (we have many bibed and ruffled items, including Elaine's Ruffled Top, the Tuxedo Top, and many of our woven shirts).

  • People are still wearing Tunic Tops, pairing them with skinny jeans or leggings (See left). How to make this modest: Wear a tunic top with a shell underneath if it's too low cut or not long enough for you (either contrasting or the same creative!). Again, our answer to leggings has been pencil skirts, so grab one when you can!

Colors: Purple, cobalt blue, classic black, brown and red, with lots of silver and greys.

Upcoming Fashion Trends to watch out for:Watch out for: So-Ho Art (paint splatters and paint brush strokes), paisleys and scarf border prints. Start collecting for the "Summer of love" 60s feeling. Dip dye and tie dye.

Have a great month, and all the best luck in staying modest and in style!


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